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Workers' CompWorkers Compensation Laws are introduced to ensure that if an employee gets injured while at work, he/she will receive a compensation for replacing medical costs and lost wages. Each and every state has its own Workers Compensation Laws and they offer several benefits such as—

  1. Medical benefits that include travel cost including medication, hospital stays, etc.
  2. If the injured employee is not in a position to return to his original field work, he/she is assigned in a different field.
  3. If the injured employee becomes disabled, temporarily or permanently, he gets paid time off work.

The most frequent workers compensation claims are as follows:

  • Injuries caused by carrying, lifting, lowering or pushing: While working, an employee might hurt themselves causing injury typically to the back or back muscles.  Generally, it is not easy to identify the weight of something and this makes such injuries some of the most common.
  • Injuries caused by tripping or slipping: At times, an employee may accidentally slip or fall injuring himself/herself severely.  Slipping or tripping can cause sprains and fractures. It may also lead to stitches. Such accidents generally occur due to greasy or damaged floors. A worker can also make a compensation claim if he/she falls from elevated areas like stairways, ladders or rooftops while at work.
  • Accidents caused by vehicles— Automobile accidents are another common workplace hazards. This type of compensation is meant not only for truck drivers but individual who drives to work should they ever meet with an accident. However, this compensation does not cover the damages caused to the vehicle of the worker. It covers all the injuries caused by the accident to the employee.
  • Equipment hazards— This is another common workplace hazard that poses a serious threat. When equipments are used appropriately, they makes your task quite smooth and efficient but a single wrong step can cause a severe injury that may even a life. 
  • Electrical Accidents— Such hazards are faced not only by electricians working in an organization.  Any worker can easily get an electric shock if he is working in an area where there is water close to an open circuit. Electrical hazards are one of the most serious workplace hazards. It not only injures an employee but can also prove fatal for some.
  • Workplace Violence— Sometimes an employee may get injured due to workplace violence. Workplace violence is one of the most common workplace hazards and an employee can make a compensation claim for personal injury caused as a result of assault by his/her employers or other employees.

These are some of the top workers’ compensation claims today. Workers should file a compensation claim as and when they get injured at work or become sick by performing hazardous jobs. Strategies should be put in place in order to smoothly allow employees to notify an employer of injuries caused in the workplace as soon as possible, without wasting time.

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